This article was written by Algarve Life Stripped Naked:

Situated in the centre of the Praça, Amore is to pizza and pasta as my favourite Kurt Geiger left heel is to the right!! Essential dining, including meat and fish, there is something for everyone on this menu. Seated outside the striking red and black restaurant on the terrace, I order the Salmone Marinato,( fresh salmon marinated with ginger lemon & herbs, finely sliced over toasts ), followed by Tagliatelle al Spinaci, ( ribbon pasta with spinach, diced bacon, fresh cream and parmesan ).

Vale do Lobo Praça is like a friendly little village. The elderly couple doing their crossword and noisily challenging each other over the correct answer from yesterday have just waved and smiled at me as they walk past arm in arm. That sets me in a lovely warm and smiley mood as I await my food. Sipping my glass of (white) wine, I feel quite animated (not the booze, honestly) I know the waiter was just doing his job, but the smile has just made my day!

I look over at the other tables, and see those with plates eating with gusto. Those with coffees, looking sated beyond satisfaction. A newly seated couple, the harridan wife/ girlfriend almost snatching the menu from the waiter (with the great smile) as she loudly chastises the husband/boyfriend for not charging the video camera. He turns to her, and says ʻis that the new dress? Its fabulousʼ. God bless love (and a patient man). Amore is a place for all, and all we must accept, troubles, strifes, loves and laughs disappear in the right surroundings. Amore …. I ♥ U

I decide to substitute desert for a cocktail, so walk fractionally to the left, and join the beautiful people enjoying a drink or 2 in the stunning Amore Deck Bar. Chill out lounge music, comfy sofas, mood lighting and an extensive cocktail list make this an integral part of summer nights. The Amore restaurant and the Amore Deck Bar are trendy, sharp and stylish, atmospheric, and with the constant professionalism of the staff makes it a very sophisticated and special night out. I like….a lot !!!

For more information check out their website by clicking Amore Restaurant and Deck Bar