This article was written by Algarve Life Stripped Naked:

Sitting here gazing at the crinkled velvet ocean, even though the eggs benedict are fabulous, but I am half regretting my decision to make this my breakfast stop. Reason 1) I noticed the lobster tank on arrival and the cheeky crabs and lobsters waving at me and almost shouting ʻhey blondie, pick meʼ !!! Reason 2) I have just seen their evening menu. Reason 3) I really want to sample ALL of their deserts Reason 4) It is a really romantic location and Iʼm here on my own!!!

As the name Sandbanks suggests, it is perfectly situated at the end of the Praça with a spectacular view over the Atlantic, and the crisp golden sands that is Vale do Lobo beach. The seating is comfortable and stylish, the tables are laid beautifully. I feel thoroughly spoiled by the waiting staff who have no idea who I am or what I am doing with my Macbook on the table. Iʼve decided to put this review on hold, I was never one to resist temptation, so have reserved myself a table for this evening!

Here I am again! Allow me to set the scene here as its magnificent! The palm trees are gently billowing silhouettes against the orange/red/pink Algarve sunset. Perfect! That cheeky little lobster who waved at me this morning….well I just ate him, and he was as delicious as I knew he would be!! I know some of you will frown on me for that, but he asked for it and i obliged!! Better me eat him than someone who wouldnʼt appreciate him!!! Service was unbelievable, and desert, well Iʼm not even going to tell you what or how many I sampled as I will leave that to you to try for yourselves. Sandbanks, breakfast, lunch and dinner….love it!!!

Opening soon will be the Sandbanks deck terrace. Flying high above Sandbanks itself, and a faultless ocean view, this will be yet another ʻmust be seen inʼ spot for the cool and trendy of all ages visiting the Praça. The Sandbanks beach bar supplies the thirsty and the hungry sun bed dwellers, and provides a comfortable oasis of shelter from the heat. Bikiniʼs or Prada, its all welcome at Sandbanks. The relaxed ʻsunny days through to starry nightsʼ attitude is really refreshing. Its hard to say I have a favourite within the Praça, but lets just say Sandbanks is one of the best :)

For further reservations please call Sandbanks on +351 289 394 429 or visit their website: Sandbanks Fish & Seafood Restaurant