This article was written by Algarve Life Stripped Naked:

Hogans American Diner is situated near the Post Office in Almancil. If you are a connoisseur of burgers then this is the place for you. All handmade in house with prime beef and a flavour to die for! For the gut busters amongst us, there is the ʻKilo Burgerʼ Challenge, and the ʻMetre Long Sausageʼ Challenge. Trust me, you wont be disappointed with whats on offer here!

Run by Emma and John Hogan, famed for their award winning success with ʻMesa do Chefʼ in São Bras, they are now bringing us into the sophisticated world of the designer fast food era. Supported by their totally charming number one waitress Deanna, (who is, infact, their gorgeous 8 year old bi-lingual daughter), and not forgetting the other staff, this really is a homely place with food youʼll want to return for.

I chose possibly the best ribs in the Algarve from 9.50€ including fresh crispy coleslaw, chips and salad. Emma keeps the recipe a closely guarded secret! The homemade burgers start at 6.75€ with an array of toppings, from melted cheese and mushrooms through to Jalapeno peppers and diced onions, blue cheese etc. Handmade hot dogs with choice of lincolnshire, black pudding or Bockwurst sausage 5.50€ with big selection of toppings. Then there is the monster meter long lincolnshire sausage challenge and the awesome Mega Burger (1 kilo) challenge, win a T-shirt if you really think you can beat it ! Thick shakes are 3.50€ and they have veggie options, salads and seafood too. Iʼm not one for fast food, but Hogans is uniquely different.

The decor is typically American. Star spangled banners ensue along with red white and blue tones, touches and finishes. Service and food really are the speciality of the house. Prices are excellent, the house wine is of a great quality and at 8.60€ a bottle or 9.00€ for a litre you really cant get better than that!! (Prices are summer 2012)

Hogans …. Iʼll be back!!!

Contact Hogans American Diner

Rua da Republica no 15, 8135 Almancil
Tel : +351 289 392 926 / +351 913 919 146 Open from 5.30pm-10.30pm Monday to Saturday (closed on Sundays)